About Shaena

I live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin surrounded by the love of family, friends and my daughter Lily. I’ve always been a lover of nature, spending a big part of my childhood enchanted with the natural world, climbing trees (still fun!) and collecting little objects I’d find outside. This followed me into adulthood and directly translates into the photographic work I do. I get inspired by the objects and people around me, and nature has some of the most beautiful objects!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

I’ve had a few crucial moments in my life that put me on the path of photography and portraiture. After graduating with an Associates in Marketing, I saw a job posting for a studio photographer and a light went on – I had to get that job! I had three wonderful years there before going back to school and getting my Bachelors in Journalism. After graduating, I was once again pulled back in the direction of photography. When an old co-worker asked me to shoot a wedding for a relative, another light went on for me. That was the beginning of me falling in love with photographing weddings. It was also the beginning of a years-long mentorship with the amazing and talented, Laurie Marie. I backed her up as a second photographer for five years while also continuing with weddings and portraiture on my own.

shaena ragna

"It fills me with joy to see the connections between people and the love between couples."

xo- Shaena Ragna

I’ve now been a photographer for fourteen years, and had my own photography business for the last six.  I feel blessed for every moment of it! The people I’ve met and the love and connections I’ve witnessed inform my consciousness and fill my heart every day.