My Approach to Photography:

Seeing the light, love, and authenticity in other people is what lights me up! Being able to catch still that light and those moments of truth is truly my life’s purpose and pleasure. There is something so special about seeing what is actually there.  Therefore, my approach to photography is photojournalistic, organic, and joyful. I love to translate the beauty I see in the world into something that everyone else can see too and look at over and over again to conjure those feelings back into being.   


I have a special place in my heart for weddings in particular because what is more light and love filled than that?! The love present at such a celebration vibrates so high that it becomes palpable. My goal is for all of my clients to be able to see and feel that every time they look at their photos. Your wedding day is a day in which you are lifted up and held in love by your partner, your family, and whomever you choose to be present.  I want to be there to hold you up too! 

Wedding Investments starting at $2,800



I believe it’s the little moments that make up this life of ours. The pleasure of the everyday-- playing on the floor, spending the day in bed, gardening, dancing, walking in the woods…these are just a few of the things I am likely to capture in a lifestyle session. Sessions can be just you, you and your partner, your pet, your child, your whole family, or you and your best friend. These sessions are on location and are based on whatever you love to do. I love bringing natural elements into my work, whether we end up in the great outdoors, or just simply use the natural light flowing in from your windows. These sessions are built around connecting to and capturing the magnificence and the beauty in the everyday (and having fun!).